Sunday, January 06, 2013

Catskill Review Radio Shows!

Tonight 7 pm EST, WJFF, I interview Richard Lingeman about his book Forties Noir re era when New Deal became Cold War…
29 December
Up on
Ian Williams talks to Jim Sterba about "Nature Wars" his book on the woods, and animals, returning and surrounding so many people

22 December This week Ian Williams talks to Scott C. Davis, publisher and author about Syria

15 December Ian Williams talks to Alex Marshall on how inorganic a market is!


8 December

Leonard Cohen's bio by Sylvie Simmons.

24 November

Ian Williams talks to John Dileo about his latest book for silver screen aficionados

17 November Up this week interview with Robin Lamont
about her book Wright for America

10 November
Bill Hogeland on Founding Finance, on how the Tea Party and Left unite in error

3 November
Charles Robbins praises Primary Colors, but points out that it is an outsider's view of politics... in "The Accomplice" we have an insider view since Charles worked on Tom Daschle's campaigns...
Up on audioport \

27 October
Alyssa Harad on perfume for feminists! “Coming to My Senses”

13 October

CRoB interviews former UN SG and Syria envoy Kofi Annan

6 October
this week's Catskill Review of Books, Ian Williams talks to ex contractor in Balkans Albert Ashforth about his novel The Rendition, great thriller with authentic geopolitical background and tradecraft

29 September

this week’s Catskill Review of Books Features Steven Ujifusa about his book that reveals the industrial, political and economic history of the last century through the battle to build the SS United States.

22 September WJFF CRoB I interview Jerelle Kraus about her new book on censored Op Ed art from the NYT oped page -not to mention her meeting with Nixon!

15 September
BDSM author Joey Hill discusses the genre and the effect of 50 Shades of Grey on publishing. family relations and the world!

8 September Up this week on
This is repeat since Ian was rushed to hospital. Now out and catching up

But Madiline Miller is on tour since the prizewinning book is just out in paper back.

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