Friday, January 07, 2011

Caucasians in the Catskills

How many Americans think Caucasian is a fancy term for "white" on application forms, or that Georgia is where Jimmy Carter grew peanuts? This week's Catskill Review of Books on WJFF, 90.5 FM Saturday at 2:30, streaming at http:/ features Thomas de Waal, setting the record straight, talking to Ian Williams about his book "The Caucasus: an Introduction," about small, far away countries of which we know little. But should, since a year ago we almost risked World War III over Georgia and Ossetia, and the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is smoldering dangerously. And they are just the big ones, in a region where every valley has its own language and an underlying principle "Why should I be a minority in your country when you can be a minority in mine?"

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