Friday, October 03, 2008


That was not a debate, it was sequential TV interviews, and as
someone who has coached people in interview techniques, by slick
flack standards she aced it.

I have coached people for media interviews myself. Media trainers coach CEOs, bureaucrats,politicians, to bridge, to take the question and lead to the points
they want to make. Of course, if you have no points to make, the
discerning will note that it is a bridge to nowhere, which is what happened with Sarah Palin.

She is clearly a sharp operator, even though she lacks the
intellectual framework to absorb and use the factoids and FAQs that
her trainers had stuffed her with for the Couric interviews.

But then we come back to the original Palin-drone concep -she was
picked for comfort, not for speed. Her soap opera vacuities and
platitudes, with the grins, winks and small town tropes, "maverick," "outsider,"
"hockey moms," will work with lots of people who would be bewildered
with details of policy. Shame her AIPAC trainers who were on her case
did not get her to pronounce Isreeeal properly - and you may remember
her speech writers knowing Bush had spelled out Newclear for her
convention speech.

Like I said the first time..this election is an IQ test, and I am
pleased to note the US electorate shows signs of passing.

It's a shame Biden and her kissed on Israel and Iran... ominous. Biden failed to make the point that the reason Bush failed on the peace process was his total unwillingness to pressure Israel in anyway to make the concessions to legality and diplomacy needed. Although he is more aware of them than her, Biden showed no signs of offering an alternative. The last people who did were Baker and Bush Snr, who were right, but paid the price. Let's hope, if they are elected Obama and Biden will do the necessary. But they should be encouraged by criticising them now for their pandering.

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