Monday, October 01, 2007

Howe to shake off Trotsky

My article on abiding attraction of Trotsky for many who should know better in the current edition of Logos.


Dr. Meshabob said...

If I were you, I'd lay off the references to Orwell especially in light of your remarks at an Orwell panel at the Socialist Scholars Conference in 2003: "Wait until the war starts and Saddam begins to
use those weapons of mass destruction, then you'll see how foolish you look." You of course turned out to be the fool.

Deadline Pundit said...


I did not know you were an Orwell fan, from your comments at the same Conference!
But it is Orwellian to forget the context of what I said while, incidentally opposing the war. Saddam was refusing inspectors entry. Hans Blix now the unlikely hero of the left, thought he had WMDs, and the idiot left were turning Saddam into a hero. So my comments were not foolish in the slightest: they were a warning that opposition to the war should not be based on Saddam's supposed virtues.