Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I have been busy, speaking elsewhere, being crowned by my dentist, and meeting deadlines - my Guardian Comment is Free piece on Kosovo should be up by now and another one is already cooking.

So maybe I missed the outraged punditry of Charles Krauthammer, Claudia Rossett and the rest of the Fox UN-hunting team at the re-revelation that the US Occupation authoriities have still not been able to explain what they did with the $12 billion or so surplus that the UN handed over from the Oil For Food program to the Iraq Development Fund.

The Manhattan DA reveals an indictment of Benon Sevan for allegedly getting a couple of thousand dollars in kickbacks - which he still denies - but Bush's pal Stuart Bowen, the Special Inspector still can't find out where the missing billions went.

All kudos to Henry Waxman for reviving this particular moribund equine that I have been flagellatiing for two years. And shame on the press that continue to ignore it while accepting, either implicitly or enthusiastically the NeoCon witchhunt against the UN while ignoring the real witches flying their broomsticks in formation in occupied Iraq.

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