Thursday, December 01, 2005

flogging viruses to death

It must be a British thing. Blog Sandhill Trek accused me of being a "flogger, not a blogger." Everyone knows that S&M is the big thing in the mother country. He then suggests that this site may contain malware, which does seem a bit harsh, but by free associationm via rum, buggery and the lash, does lead me to viruses.

In the interests of self enrichment, I have indeed been pushing my book on rum, and at various readings I have pointing out that folk wisdom, which is of course never wrong, holds that rum is great against viruses. In fact at the end of World War One, the French government appropriated the entire empire's stocks of rum to protect its armies against Spanish flu.

So with Christmas approaching, Avian flu hovering, snow falling, and Caribbean development depending on it, everybody should be knocking back the stuff - and of course because we favour informed consumption, they should read the book about it first.

While at the moment it appear that I am looking at the world through a glass of rum as we race to unload books for seasonal gifts, be assured that the world be getting the dubious benefits of my attention -without malware, or even too much malice. Although some irony and sarcasm may occasionally intrude.

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